The day Misty brought home a dead rat

It was yesterday morning.

I went out to the porch to feed them, but only Gerald was there.

Now, that’s very rare. Normally, Misty doesn’t go anywhere. She lives in our porch.

So, it’s usually Gerald who is either out roaming or too afraid to come back because of Creamy (doesn’t matter whether the latter is physically present or not).

So while Gerald ate, I went to look for Misty.

It didn’t take long to find her.

I saw her at the park, flinging “something” into the air repeatedly. I guessed it must be an object of great interest, and most likely a prey. I kept calling her to return but she was way too engrossed in flinging the object up and down.

It wasn’t anything long, thank goodness.

I’ve never ever seen Misty behave this way. She always comes back for food and she also comes back when I call her.

So I just let her be. Surely she would come back when hungry.

She did finally come back and she wasn’t hungry.

When Jia-Wen left our house after bringing Jayden over, he came back and told me that there was a dead rat in our porch with Misty.

Oh dear….

Mystery solved. Misty brought us back a gift as a token of love and affection.

Jia-Wen was in a rush out to run errands, so I asked him to scoop up the dead rat and leave it outside the house first. I was worried in case the poor rat carried any diseases.

Of course the first thing on my mind was, where did Misty find the rat?

I was worried about a poisoned rat as I know there are humans around here who put out rat poison. Rat poison, I’m told, has a 100% mortality rate these days and it’s made to be completely odourless such that animals cannot even smell it out to be a dangerous substance. Such a viciously evil invention, if you asked me.

Why do humans ever need poison? Why don’t you just keep your house clean or block off possible rat or vermin entrances or better still, rescue cats, keep them as pets because their presence will keep rats away. I’m not saying we should use animals that way, but it’s a form of natural biological control to keep the rats away (not to kill them).

Evil people invent poisons, bombs, weapons and of course, fireworks (yes, I’m not done with that yet, it’s ongoing).

So, Jia-Wen placed the poor rat outside the house and when husband came back, he buried him/her. I asked him if there were any bite marks on the rat, but he couldn’t see any. The body appeared to be quite intact so Misty was just playing with the dead rat and probably did not eat any of it.

I couldn’t do anything much except to watch Misty. So far, there are no signs of any ill health.

I’ve been googling up on rat poison (not a pleasant thing to do).

Here’s an article about it:

It recommends deworming. But Misty is quite impossible to pill. Maybe I would just have to try.

She looks completely well to me…so far.






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