Tricking the naughty Blondies to eat raw food

The Blondies decided to stage a boycott again this morning.

“We will starve unless you give us kibble!”

Nobody wanted to eat raw food except for Samantha.

So I tried something new, I shook the kibble jar and Akira and Indra came running. Then, I put a little bit of kibble in their bowls, followed by some raw food. I’ve tried this before and they might just walk away in protest.

But today, I was lucky and they shifted to eat the raw food. Then, I kept adding more raw food and they ended up eating more raw food than the little bit of kibble!

Crazy Blondies! I’ve tried adding a few kibble on top of the raw food and this does not work. The kibble has to be offered first and when they start eating it, then only I add in the raw food.

The things we have to do!!

Samantha had already eaten her raw food for the morning. Good girl.

Kai will not be tricked. She stayed away.

But she finally came and ate a little bit. Unlike her sisters, she avoided the raw food.

This is quite ridiculous seeing as how they were raised on raw food and now it’s like I have to transition them back to raw food just because they have had a taste of kibble!








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