Misty brings back another “offering” (a rat)

Gerald and Misty didn’t come for breakfast at the usual time this morning. I could hear Gerald mewing from a distance but both did not come back.

It was only much later that they both did and the moment I went out with the food, I saw the front door mat ruffled. That’s usually a sign that something is covered by it. I didn’t dare open to check, but then I saw it, over at at the feeding station, a dead rat.

Poor rat.

Misty was really excited and kept rubbing herself all over me.

I know, I know. You have brought us an offering as a token of love and affection.

Thank you, Misty but….we don’t eat rats.

It’s okay, Misty doesn’t understand and she meant well. But poor rat.

I don’t know where she gets all these rats.

Husband came out to take the dead rat out to bury him/her. There were no bite marks on the rat at all.

Two days ago, I attempted to deworm Misty but failed miserably. She struggled when I carried her and there was no way I could open her mouth at all.

My next option is to try Nexgard Combo which is the latest spot-on on the market. It doubles up as a full-spectrum deworm and deflea spot-on. The rest of the spot-on do not cover the entire spectrum of worms. Only this new Nexgard does, but I’m worried because it’s new, the vial has a bigger volume than the other spot-on products (it is meant for 2kg to 7kg, if I’m not mistaken) and the most frightening thing about spot-on products is the burning on the skin. It doesn’t happen to all cats, just to some. But isn’t that bad enough?

Cow Mau uses Advocate (for seizure control) and he has been fine. Revolution has caused burn spots before on our cats a long time ago (maybe it has improved now but I’m phobic). But so far, Advocate has been fine even though it is a Class 2 poison.

Not only does Advocate kill fleas and their larvae, it will also kill both mature and immature worms, such as heartworm, roundworms, hookworms and whipworm. However, Advocate does not cover tapeworms, so you will need a separate worming treatment if your cat or dog is at risk of these worms.

You see, Advocate does not cover tapeworms and this is one of the worms we have to eliminate when it comes to deworming.

I used Drontal every 3 months on all our cats except those with a golden mouth (Minnie, Samantha and sometimes, Smurfy). Even Gerald can be dewormed with some difficulty. Lynx too (not easy). But I tried with Misty and I failed. I have learnt from other friends’ experience and their injuries that we can only try our best and if we cannot, we just cannot. Let’s not hurt ourselves in trying too hard until we are incapacitated.

Anyway, after the poor rat was removed, I fed them both.

Misty was unusually hungry today and ate far more than Gerald.

She ate up Gerald’s share as well.

Ever since she came back with the first rat, Misty has been asking for food very often and I feed her each time, hoping that with a full stomach, she might not feel the need to hunt (for more rats or other animals), but I guess even a full stomach cannot stop the hunting instinct in a female cat. It’s something natural in them.






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