Training the Blondies…to eat some proper food

I don’t think I should let the Blondies hold me at gunpoint over food.

So this morning, I decided to be strict and tried my best to convey it to them telepathically.  Haha…

But believe it or not, it worked…..or was it just coincidental?  More like the latter, but never mind.

It started with nobody wanting to come for food at all. So, fine. Don’t want to eat? Don’t eat.

Then, I shook the kibble jar, and everyone came running but stopped short when they were near enough to smell out the raw food. Nobody came onto the pantry slab.

“Raw food? We don’t want any. Thank you. Eat it yourself,” they said.

So I waited, and then I offered raw food again. It takes patience and time.

What do you know? They ate.

In the background, on the far right, you can see Cow Mau earthing himself.

Indra ate too.

So did Samantha. Actually, Samantha isn’t as strong-willed as her daughters when it comes to food boycott.

So everyone ate their breakfast of raw food.

And much later, they were given their snack of kibble. They still got their snack, of course.







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