Who is being nebulised?

Who is inside the nebuliser carrier?

It’s Indy.

He’s been having some runny nose for a few mornings now, but it is only in the mornings and it didn’t seem serious. I gave him Cetirizine and Vetri DMG and he seemed fine. But the runny nose started again yesterday, today and even this evening, so I went out to get more Cetirizine and also Bromhexine.

Because of the runny nose, cats cannot smell and therefore they sometimes do not eat. Indy wasn’t eating much today too. So I decided to nebulise him tonight. He seemed better after the nebulisation and he ate some food.

Not taking any chances, in case he has any infection or his lungs are congested, I’m taking him to the vet’s tomorrow. It’s Cow Mau’s laser therapy so both will be going to the same vet.

We’re done, Indy.

Indy didn’t want to come out! I think he loves being nebulised because Indy gets “high” on certain smells.







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