Cow Mau is very weak

I am writing this in the dark with Cow Mau lying beside me on a pillow.

In the past few days, he had actually been getting weaker. Sometimes, he would just lie laterally recumbent for a long time, sleeping. He already has trouble walking as his hind legs are very weak.

While we were concentrating on healing his mouth pain and I believe it is healing (it’s not as red and he allows me to open his mouth too), at the same time, I think his heart and general health are deteriorating due to old age. Surprisingly, Cow Mau kidneys are still good.

But yesterday, I already noticed that his gums were very pale. With a failing heart, it was just a matter of time that this would happen.

I think a fast deterioration happened in the 2-3 days.

Every morning in the past week, I get up and go downstairs with some apprehension, then I peep at Cow Mau – did he last through the night? And he would be there in his tray, looking at me, calm and serene. I’d be so relieved.

It was the same this morning too. I got up at 3.30am because I was worried about Cow Mau and could not go back to sleep, so I came downstairs and there he was – looking at me so calmly and serenely.

I fed everyone else and did Cow’s feeding last. He didn’t want to be fed anymore this morning and his breathing was very fast. And in the process, he wet himself. I cleaned him up and dried him with the hair dryer. He was calm.

Now, he is lying beside me, listening to some soothing chanting. His breathing is even and moderate. There is no struggle at all. I think he is at peace. Sleeping.

Yesterday, I saw Cow at the far end of the garden and two Blondies were with him, acting as bodyguards. I didn’t have my phone with me to take a photo. It would have made such a lovely picture.

Sleeping comfortably, calm and serene. Rest, Cow Mau.







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  1. Catherina

    I am crying while reading this. It is so sad to see each and every one of our dear furkids passing away due to old age or sickness. I just lost 1 of my furkid, Nicky on 7/3. Everything happened so fast. Just 1 day he started to eat less and the next day he stopped eating completely. He passed away early in the morning the following day. He was diagnosed with cancer in end of 2022 and the tumour was at his nose.
    My another furkid, Elmo is not doing very good as well. There was mass seen from an ultrasound done. It was 1 day suddenly he become inactive and pale. Brought him to the emergency. His red blood cells were very low and the next day it dropped to the level where he needs blood transfusion. Since then, he become very lethargy and sleep most of the day. Eating less and less. Start loosing alot of weight. Every day he is still with me is a blessing. It is so painful to see they start fading away slowly leaving me and there is just nothing we can do.

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