Iron Cat got up and walked!

After lying laterally recumbent for about 4.5 hours listening to soothing chanting, with laboured breathing, Cow Mau started lifting his head a few times.

And then he sat up. And stood up.

So I decided to take him to lie down at his favourite place for some morning sunshine.

But he decided he wanted to “exercise” by walking around after having lay down for hours just now.

“I’ve slept for too long, I want to walk now.”

Still walking around now.

I had cancelled the laser therapy earlier because there was no way I could have brought him just now, being laterally recumbent, but now? Does Cow Mau want his laser therapy? So I called the vet again to explain the changed circumstances and I’ve got an afternoon slot now (the only slot left for the day). It’s still a few hours away, so let’s see how it goes.

If I hold him in the car, he’s okay. And maybe the laser therapy will give him some comfort too. He was very relaxed after the first one.

Our Iron Cat!!







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