Cow Mau eats chicken meat!!

Another milestone!!

I remember how I finally managed to feed Vincent five years ago when he was literally dying from CKD. His mouth ulcers were so bad he couldn’t eat anything….until one day, I figured it out (or did Vincent tell me telepathically?) – cut-up raw chicken meat (I used chicken fillet because it was the smoothest). This, he swallowed whole, even big pieces and by feeding him this, I brought him back “to life” and he lived on for another four more months of quality living.

I had tried this with Cow Mau earlier on too, but Cow Mau has never learnt how to pick up chunks of meat with his mouth. He simply did not know how to do this…all his life.

But some time last week I thought of using minced meat and I bought some from the grocer’s. However, at that time, I could not even touch his mouth, much less open it. So that idea was shelved.

Since yesterday, I began to notice that I could open Cow Mau’s mouth more easily. Either his mouth is healing or he’s too weak to object – I really don’t know which is it.

So this evening, I decided to try giving him minced chicken meat.

Guess what?

It worked!!!!!!

I put the minced meat (small amounts) into his mouth and he swallowed all of it!!!!!

I didn’t really measure how much he ate, but I can safely say it’s about half of this amount!!!  What a milestone, right? I still continued giving him 8ml of the Japanese liquid food. But it looks like Cow Mau preferred the chicken meat to the liquid food now!  I could have fed more but I didn’t want to shock his system too much. Slowly and gradually, I will increase the amount.

We are eating again!! I will try one more round tonight, before bedtime.

Immediately after eating, Cow Mau started walking around again!

I’m so glad I tried this and discovered that I can feed him minced chicken meat!!  And he is willing to eat it!

Actually, it was Cow Mau’s vet who gave me the idea. She said to offer him Ciao treats and chicken breast meat. I think raw chicken breast meat is the best because it isn’t sticky. The texture is smooth and he can easily swall0w it.

Perhaps the laser therapy and RetroMAD1 are working together to heal the mouth inflammation. I hope so!







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