Indy: I want to get “higher”

Indy loves being nebulised.

He’s a “druggie”. Simply loves catnip (goes totally crazy) and certain smells like Chinese ointments. Of course we don’t let him smell it, but if he happens to, he goes high.

Today is his third nebulisation for his runny nose. It’s improved quite a bit, but he still needs it for a few more days.

Indy: I’m not coming out until I get “higher”….

My go-to for mild feline runny nose is Cetirizine first, and if that’s not enough and there’s mucus, then add on Bromhexine. Nebulising with Ventolin+Water really helps too. Vetri Lysine also helps. If this still doesn’t work, then it’s off to the vet’s for a check-up in case antibiotics are needed for any infection.

Please never ever self-medicate with antibiotics. We are not vets.







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