Naughty Akira’s eating preference

This morning, I managed to get Kai and Samantha to eat raw food. Indra has been boycotting raw food for many days now, wanting either kibble or cut-up raw chicken breast meat (okay, still raw, but not balanced).

Akira did not want to eat too.

After piling and replenishing Samantha and Kai’s bowls until they had had their fill, there was remnants, so I collected them into one bowl and offered it to Akira.

And…she ate!

So it looked like she wants to eat leftovers?

Does this remind you of someone?

It’s Cleo!! Cleo would only eat food after it had been eaten (tested) by Cow Mau.

What do the two have in common? Let’s see…they are both calico cats, that’s all.






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