Cow Mau says “thank you!”

It’s been a crazy few days when Cow Mau took a turn for the worse.

His turn-around now is remarkable and totally unexpected, and we are very thankful to all of you for your kind and positive wishes.

Here’s Cow Mau saying a huge “thank you” to all his aunties, uncles, brothers and sisters who have rooted and are still rooting for his wellbeing.

And this is also me, saying a huge “thank you” to all of you for coming onboard this journey with us. Your kindness means the world to us and knowing that we are not alone helps tremendously.

Cow Mau is not out of the woods yet and he may never be, at this golden age where anything can change within hours, but we are grateful for every tiny little improvement and success.

His breathing is no longer laboured, there is no more cracking sound. I can open his mouth and put food inside without him rejecting it. He is able to chew and swallow.

As long as he can eat and he is comfortable, that is good enough.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s appointment and hope that the laser therapy can be done for his mouth.







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