Cow Mau – still the one in charge!

So far, Cow Mau has had four meals today.

I forgot to update that his weight today (at the clinic) was 3.6kg! Not bad, not bad at all considering what he has been through, literally coming back now from the brink of death.

When he was so critically ill during those few days (was it two-and-a-half days?), he was as light as a feather and I didn’t even dare to weigh him. At that time, nothing mattered except to make him as comfortable as possible and to enable him to breathe more easily. That was all.

Now, it’s all about fighting off that infection with antibiotics, bringing the urea down and healing those dreadful mouth ulcers.

Then, it’s also about reducing the Tramadol this week. And if all goes well, next week, I think we will start reducing the Gabapentin.

Cow Mau had dinner just now and I thought I’d surprise him with some Coco&Joe’s, but he couldn’t withstand the texture. It’s just way too sticky, just like Hill’s KD. So I quickly reverted back to Cubgrub and raw minced chicken.

The Japanese liquid food (which the vet calls the “Japanese milk”) is wonderful. Cow Mau likes it very much. It is a complete food for kidney and heart patients.

Cow Mau always takes a short nap after every meal.

The vet also said that the tiredness could be an after-effect of the respiratory event that he had gone through. It must have been so tiring trying so hard to breathe. But I’m glad that episode is over now and his breathing has gone back to normal. Or, the tiredness could be due to the combination of Gabapentin and Tramadol, both of which has a sedative effect. That is why we are reducing the Tramadol now.

But previously, we had to give him all the pain medication and even increased it because the mouth pain was so, so terrible. Now, with the help of laser therapy, hopefully the mouth pain will be reduced and we don’t have to depend on the pain medication so much anymore.

One day at a time, of course.

Cow Mau has been wanting to go out to Ginger’s Catio, but I cannot allow that yet. Maybe he feels better and wants to make his presence felt in Ginger’s place (that’s where the Monsters dwell and they all hail Ginger as their “king”, the taikor).

Cow Mau also went to kepoh to find out what is going on in the porch. Maybe he wants to settle the Creamy-Gerald-Misty issue?

Our Super Senior is back in charge!!







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