Coconut water for Cow Mau

A kind friend suggested that I could try giving Cow Mau coconut water to hydrate him. It’s supposed to be safe for cats and dogs and it contains healthy vitamins and minerals too.

I’ve already checked with the vet and she says it is okay too, as long as it’s pure coconut water.

So I gave Cow Mau about 10ml of it just now. He didn’t object.

When trying out something new, always go slow and in small amounts…

He’s pawing his mouth much less now too. I think the laser therapy is working though it’s a slow process. Any treatment that can help reduce his mouth pain is good!

Grooming time!

This is the life….

When husband saw me syringe feeding Cow Mau just now, he was reminded of the fact that 18 years ago, that’s how I fed Cow Mau, Bunny and Pole too – by using a baby bottle and syringe. It’s come a full circle, hasn’t it?  The three siblings were only one day old when first rescued.

It’s been 18 years now…and Cow Mau is the “last of the Mohicans” of his clan. He even outlived Cleo, his niece.

I remember during Bobby’s golden years, he too was quite weak in the legs, just as Cow Mau is now. Mac and Bobby hardly ever went to the vet’s last time so I’m not sure now if they had underlying issues leading to their golden age. But Mac was sick and was diagnosed with multiple organ failure towards the end. Bobby had seizures in his golden years but the vet thought we should not give him any medication at that age, so we just held him whenever he threw a seizure or as advised by the vet, placed cold packs on his spine.

We didn’t go for annual blood tests at that time too. So perhaps they had health problems but they were not identified. Life was much simpler then.

Now, it looks as though our cats have so many health issues but I think it’s partly because the moment they turn geriatric (above 10 years of age), we take them for annual blood tests. In fact, the vet told me 7 years and above is considered geriatric already. And at the slightest sign of unwellness, we also rush them to the vet’s.

I hear of other pet parents who hardly ever take their pets to the vet and their pets also live a long life! Some just give their pets kibble and the pets are perfectly fine too!

So, sometimes I wonder if we are doing WAY too much…

But then again, don’t we cart our children and grandchildren to the doctor’s at the first sign of trouble? Perhaps we ourselves don’t go to the doctor’s until we are REALLY sick, but we do it for our children when they were young.

And our pets ARE our children (or grandchildren), aren’t they?







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