The magic of Oral Aid for Cow Mau’s ulcers

Yesterday, when the vet lifted Cow Mau’s lips to reveal the bloody ulcers at the root of his upper canines, it was really scary. She immediately applied Oral Aid to these areas and we were given a bottle to take up and apply it 2-3 times daily.

I continued applying it twice yesterday (once already done at the clinic).

And when I applied it again this morning, I was amazed at how much the ulcers have become less reddened. In fact, the gums are back to a “gum colour” (a dull pink). The bloody (meaning, really bleeding and I’m not using a swear word here) inflamed dark red is all gone.

It’s magical!

We’ve been prescribed various ulcer gels in the past, some very expensive too, but none have worked as well as Oral Aid has for Cow Mau’s terrible bloody ulcers.

And it’s only RM8!

And it’s even readily available online and in pharmacies, but I would be very careful buying anything ingestible online, especially medicines and supplement and especially for animals. We humans may have a higher tolerance for toxins, but animals won’t do so well, so for animal supplements and medicines, I would get it from the vet’s or a registered pharmacy.

For example, Drontal (the dewormer) is so dirt-cheap online but I don’t dare to buy it. I’ll pay more and get it from the vet’s and be able to sleep easy at night. I heard that Drontal is no longer available at pet stores now, but only at vet clinics and yet, it’s so readily available online. Remember years ago, there was fake cat food from a very reputable and popular pet food company and these were sold online for a cheaper price? Some cats died after eating it. It’s not worth the risk.

Now, there are fake pet supplements too of a popular brand, available online. I just saw a poster at the clinic letting people know how to differentiate the fake from the real one, but that poster had bad English on it, so I didn’t take a photo of it. Bad English is sometimes the first tell-take sign of a scam, but then again, sadly, the standard of English in our country is quite dismal that sometimes even genuine information is written in bad English!

I found these online, it’s the same company:







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