Cow Mau in the garden this morning

I decided to take Cow Mau to our front lawn this morning for some early morning air.

I had wanted to do it yesterday, actually, but as I was carrying him out towards the door, he wet himself (and me) so I had to clean everything up and take a bath. It’s been on my mind too, that with such weak hind legs now, Cow Mau may have difficulty defecating because he definitely cannot squat long enough to do it. He might not even have the energy to push. I need to ask the vet for advice on this and I’m waiting for her to respond.

So I thought that maybe taking him out to the grass might trigger defecation. It’s worth a try. He does have his favourite poo-spot on Bunny’s Garden too, and that’s the back garden.

The other worry is the cachexia (muscle wasting). Cow Mau has lost a lot of muscle, especially in his hind legs. We also know that even us humans need to exercise or at least, move, to retain our muscles. So I wanted Cow Mau to walk a little bit, even if it’s slowly.

This is all Cow Mau walking very slowly, exploring the front lawn, which is new for him. In the past, we didn’t dare risk taking any of our warriors to the front law because they might just escape through the gate. That is why they were confined to only Bunny’s Garden and Ginger’s Catio for recreation. If any of our cats escaped, I will not hear the end of it from this neighbourhood.

Misty and Gerald were still around after breakfast.

Cow Mau, in his hey day, would have given chase or a fight would have broken out resulting in vet visits and for me, possibly a doctor’s visit too. But he was calm this morning.

Gerald, this is Cow Mau.

Gerald is the friendliest cat, to anyone. There is no aggression in him at all, only fear.

Gerald wants to be friends.

Soon, it was time to go back inside the house.

Cow Mau likes to lie here, looking out to the catio too. When he was able-bodied, he would come to the catio from Bunny’s Place. Everyone would run helter-skelter then. Cow Mau’s mere presence was intimidating enough.

For now, he just wants to be near me.






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