Cow Mau’s breakfast this morning and reminiscence of the circle of life

I hope I had enough sleep last night. I put Cow Mau back in Bunny’s Place last night because he slept facing the entrance, so I thought that might be a sign that he wanted to sleep in Bunny’s Room.

This morning, I found Cow Mau lying at his favourite place in the garden.

I let him sleep a little longer before giving him the Azodyl (for best effects, to be given an hour before food).

Then I prepared this breakfast.

As of last night, Cow Mau could eat a bit more of the minced chicken.

He likes the Japanese milk and it is easy to feed that. Too bad the clinic only had 5 packets left. I hope the new stock arrives soon enough. If it doesn’t, I would have to think of what to give him. Cow Mau ate a fair amount of chicken this morning. Last night, I gave him some Cubgrub Rabbit too.

He’s weak, but still able to eat when I feed him.

Below are some photos from many years ago when Bobby was at his golden age. Bobby was blind and it was Cow Mau, Bunny and Tiger who protected him all day. Cow Mau’s duty was to take Bobby to his bowl of food and start eating. Bobby would only eat AFTER Cow Mau had tested the food. Even when Cow was sick one day, he still did his duty faithfully. Cow was the only one who could take Bobby to his food bowl and made him eat.

See, Cow Mau had to eat with Uncle Bobby.

Bunny with Uncle Bobby.

Cow Mau knew he had to protect Bobby at this stage.

And when Bobby walked, he wobbled a lot because his legs were weak. It would be Bunny and Tiger who would walk beside Bobby on either side, protecting him from falling, going ahead to shield him when Bobby approached a furniture leg.

Our warriors were very compassionate too. Yes, they were warriors, but they had a deep sense of gratitude to Bobby who had brought them up.

It’s the circle of life,
And it moves us all,
Through despair and hope, 
Through faith and love. 







One response to “Cow Mau’s breakfast this morning and reminiscence of the circle of life”

  1. Geeta

    What a heartwarming recollection of life as it unfolded. Bobby and his generous warmth in bringing up the kits and then the love Cow showed him as Bobby struggled.
    Life as the fur babies see it and life as the fur babies teach us.

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