Indy’s illness

Indy started having a little bit of runny nose about a week ago and I had already started him on anti-histamines.

Four days ago, he stopped eating. At that time, Cow Mau was still in a critical condition and I didn’t want to leave the house. But I force fed him and have been doing that since then. I added a mucolytic and nebulised him too. It helped a bit, but the runny nose did not go away entirely.

When I took Cow Mau for his 3rd and last laser therapy, I brought Indy along and the vet added on Azithromycin (antibiotics) because the PBF showed elevated white blood cells.

He’s been staying under the bed throughout this time, only coming out to do his business in the garden. No more going up to this top-of-the-world platform. This could either mean he has chosen to migrate under the bed or he’s not well. I cannot be sure which it is. There was once he migrated into the tunnels, just for a change of “scenery”.

I offered Indy his favourite raw chicken liver yesterday. He only sniffed at it and didn’t eat any. He used to love raw chicken liver. When a sickly cat does not eat, my feeding principle is also “as long as they eat” and of course, as long as it’s food.

This was last night’s dinner. I still have several packets of Cow Mau’s Japanese milk powder so I’m giving it to Indy. The vet calls it the Japanese milk, but it’s actually liquid nutritional food for kidney and heart patients.

Indy is willing to be force fed, thankfully.

The vet advised to give Ventolin a rest of a few days so we are doing saline nebulisation now. Then, if he doesn’t get better, we will resume with Ventolin for a maximum of 5 days only.

This morning’s breakfast.

Early this morning, I was happy that at least Indy came to the door to greet me. I thought that meant he would eat on his own, but no.

He used to be the kibble king but Indy doesn’t even want his kibble anymore now.

He would just stare at his food without eating. Just staring.

I tried all kinds of foods too.

I ended up using my finger to rub this Aixia food onto his mouth. He didn’t want it syringed.

Maybe the infection needs more time to be fought off.

I hope this isn’t because the CKD is progressing further.

No rest for me. Now I have to take care of Indy.







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