Indy is still not eating on his own

This is Indy’s breakfast this morning. I have been force feeding him for many days now.

We’ve already seen the vet and he has medication for the runny nose. I think the nose is much better now, after being on the Azithromycin. Maybe we just have to let the medication take its course.

He’s alert and quite “normal” except that he has no appetite. Looks like the Mirtazapine (appetite stimulant) isn’t working too, but then again, unfortunately, Mirtazapine has never quite worked for any of our cats, actually.

Indy does get off appetite every once in a while for weeks sometimes. He’s weird and it’s very hard to figure him out.

But he is also a Stage 4 CKD patient so this could be due to the progression of his kidney disease which we can do nothing about. Blood tests will only show the disease has progressed, but there’s nothing we can do about it. Perhaps the only thing is a urine test to check if he has proteinuria and if he does, Semintra is the medication to address this, but then again, does it even work?  I really don’t know. I’ve used Semintra before where it didn’t work.

Perhaps when a cat reaches late stage kidney failure, nothing works anymore.

And the AIM medicine from Japan hasn’t arrived at our shores – it is supposed to cure kidney failure in cats. Even if it does one day, how long will it take for our authorities to approve it?  Take for example the GS 441524 drug for FIP; it is touted as a miracle drug. It has worked wonders for FIP cats, previously thought to have no hope at all, but now they are cured by this China drug. But is it approved? No, it isn’t. Pet parents have to buy it through their own channels (vets cannot purchase it), but thankfully, vets are willing to administer the injection. Now, there is an oral drug Molnupiravir, which works for FIP too, it’s from India, and is a Covid-19 drug for humans.

Don’t we wish life were simpler with less red tape and definitely less politics. No, better still, NO politics! But for that to happen, there has to be no greed first and with humans, that’s a total impossibility!

If humans were to perish from this Earth, all life will flourish in its pristine natural state – my own quote. And yes, you can quote me.







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