Indy’s updates

Indy’s is still not willing to eat on his own.

I suppose the only little progress I see is that he walks to the door to greet me every morning instead of sitting under the bed and he has shown some interest in food. However, he is still unwilling to eat on his own.

A friend wonders if Indy is behaving this way because he misses Cow Mau. He could be. Years ago, when Vixey passed away, Indy behaved very strangely too. We were living in our old house and Indy ran away from home. He did not come back until we were about to send Vixey for cremation (that time we could send our pets to the crematorium). Only then did Indy come home to say his final farewell. After that, he behaved differently and even entered the wrong house. The neighbour had to call me to take him back and when he saw me, he could not even recognise me and started growling. He was very, very young at that time. Vixey had been his “big sister”, teaching him how to use the toilet and other things.

So he could be behaving this way now (not eating) because he misses Cow Mau. But we did let him pay his last respects to Cow Mau a few times before the cremation.

Or it’s his runny nose? Or his kidney disease progression.

I even tried Primal Freeze-Dried yesterday. He’s not supposed to eat it as the protein is too high, but I was willing to try anything. He showed no interest at all.

I tried RC Renal wet food (normally cats don’t like this), Indy showed some interest, placed his mouth near the food, then he backed off.

I have already tried everything I have in the house. Nothing interests him enough to want to eat.

Meanwhile I am still force feeding him daily. I gave him coconut water yesterday too.

Yesterday I let Indy out to the Safehouse for a change of scenery. He’s active and alert. He hasn’t shown any signs of weakness despite having had no appetite for so many days now. It’s been six days of having not eaten by himself. It started one day before Cow Mau passed away. I thought it was the runny nose. When they cannot smell, they won’t eat – that’s normal for runny nose cats. Then on the next day, I had already taken him (with Cow Mau) to the vet’s and he’s already started on Azithromycin for the infection. He’s still on the medication so perhaps we should give it a little bit more time to work since Indy doesn’t look sick at all.

Shows an interest in the porch too.

Whenever we let him out, he likes going upstairs to Jia-Wen’s room and just sitting there for hours. I fed him dinner there yesterday.

This morning, I tried with various foods again. Not interested in any.

I finally force fed him again. I wonder how long this is going to go on.

Why won’t you eat by yourself, Indy?

He has done this before too where I force fed him for months. He just won’t eat by himself. By that ended with the vet diagnosing him at Stage 4 CKD. So maybe this is an indication of another progression of his CKD. It could be. But even if it is, there is nothing we can do anymore except for palliative care, which in his case now, is to force feed him.

Indy has been at Stage 4 since diagnosis in September 2023, that’s six months ago. Maybe his Stage 4 had been there even longer than that but we didn’t know because his prior annual blood test showed he was healthy and had no indication of CKD at all. It crept in fast, without us knowing.

The stem cell therapy was done on 5th January this year. I requested for him even though he was not exactly a suitable candidate. Our vet only does for Stage 1-2 CKD patients. She already prepared me that there might not be any effect on Indy at all, and I am aware of this. But I still wanted to give it a try and give Indy a chance. Even if it could give him a better quality of life, it’s still worth it.

It’s quality of life that we want, not quantity without quality. But whatever quantity of life they have, we have to respect it and make them as comfortable as we can. That is our duty as their caregiver, their parent and the people who love them.







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