Tabs and Riley

So little is written about Tabs and Riley because these two girls seldom have any drama to write about!

When Indy refused to eat the Primal Freeze-Dried, I gave it to Tabs. This used to be her favourite food until she was diagnosed with PKD/CKD and since then, had to be on a kidney diet too. This is the last few nuggets of Primal that I have. Tabs should not eat them anymore as the protein level is too high for her.

Tabs and Riley are not easy to feed too. Tabs is very choosy or maybe in her geriatric age now she prefers cooked food. So she likes canned food. Riley loves kibble, but she grazes. She cannot eat too much at one go. She’ll ask for kibble, eat a few pellets and run off to play. Eating two square meals a day just isn’t a way of life for Riley. She just cannot do this.

I’ll be happier if Riley eats wet food, whether raw or canned. Today was an exception where she did. She ate canned food with Tabs. But I normally will insist that she gets raw food at least once or twice a day.

Tabs goes for cut-up raw chicken meat too.

“As long as they eat”, right?







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