The Blondie Army vs Rey

This morning, there was a horrendous earth-shattering shrieking war at Stargate.

When I rushed out to check, it was Rey.

He had scaled up Stargate, with four sets of claws clutching onto the netting, waging a war with Samantha who was on the platform over on her side.

I quickly stopped the war before it woke the neighbours and Rey fell (yes, he fell) from his clutches and landed safely on all fours (it’s a piece of cake, no biggie) on the ground.

This was after I ended the war.

The naughty perpetrator came back to eat leftovers.

Kai appeared to be seeking advice from their spiritual advisor, Gerald.

“What should we do, father?”, she appears to be saying. “We are under attack!”

I think Gerald had already run off far, far away when he heard the war cries.

“No, I have not”, Gerald said. “I will not forsake my family. My advice is, ignore that Monster. Just ignore him. FYI, I am sending my advice telepathically to my daughters.”

Indra was standing guard at the far end of the lookout.

Akira was on the ground, everyone was supporting their mother while receiving spiritual advice (from afar) from their father.

Rey is plotting his next step.

I stopped him and shooed him away.

Gerald and Misty did not come back to eat until hours later.

Safe to eat now, Gerald?

“It’s always been safe; I was just, er…, meditating from afar, giving my daughters spiritual support.” 

It looks like Samantha and the Blondies have taken over as guardians of Bunny’s Place now.

It’s the birth and rise of The Blondie Army!!

Watch out, Monsters! These are Amazonian warriors here. Fear the females, if you know what’s best for you. You may have brute force, but the females have the brains.

“He will win when he knows when to fight and when not to fight.” – Sun Tzu, the Art of War. Make that “she”, ok?

“Exactly what I said too”, says Gerald.






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