Goodbye, our dearest Indy

Indy passed away very peacefully at 6.55pm this evening.

I was with him almost two hours prior to his passing, and I was there with him all the way.

We would like to thank all dear friends who have been with us on Indy’s journey, especially his last lapse. Thank you very much for your very kind wishes and positive thoughts. Thank you for being there for us.

Indy was very strong and stoic all the way, never wavering at all. He lived true to the name I gave him when we rescued him at 2 weeks old, Indy Jones.

It is very devastating for me, losing Cow Mau just ten days ago, and now, we have lost Indy. But it was old age and illness, something no one can escape.

Indy was 16 years old. He joins the ranks of our CKD warriors. All fought so bravely until the very end.

We need to mourn our loss now.






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