Rey causes havoc…from the other side of Stargate

I didn’t have my phone with me when I caught Rey having climbed all the way up to the top of Stargate to disturb Indra this morning after breakfast. He had climbed up from his side, just using his claws to hang on to the gate without any platform to rest on.

By the time I got my phone, he had already come down but had already created so much unrest among the Blondies.

Indra has been trying to find a way to get across to Ginger’s Catio since last night.

Both sisters are giving moral support from the ground.

So, breakfast was out of the question this morning. They had more important tasks at hand than to eat. Females do not prioritise eating, I suppose. It’s the same with female humans too (speaking for myself, that is).

Only Samantha was unaffected enough to eat her breakfast.

“No time to eat, no time to eat, we have to defend our home!”

They later had a snack of kibble.

So much unrest and havoc, created by one Monster. Only one. Rey. And while the Blondie Army was planning their defense strategy, Rey had already nonchalantly gone back to eat up whatever leftovers there were in the food bowls. Then, he went to take a nap.

With Cow Mau gone and Indy retired, we have a whole new battalion of warriors now.






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