Waiting for AIM food and medicine to come to our shores

I’ve written a few blogposts about the AIM research in Japan conducted by Professor Toru Miyazaki.

Since then, I have been receiving many emails, all from westerners, asking for this medicine and food. Most of the cat parents who have written to me are all desperate and some are even willing to fly their CKD cats to Japan to get the treatment.

One of the many articles about AIM: https://www.u-tokyo.ac.jp/focus/en/features/z1304_00039.html

You can find many more articles and youtubes on AIM and Professor Toru Miyazaki’s research.

A friend is travelling in Japan right now and he saw AIM cat food being sold very widely in Japan. However, according to him, it isn’t ready for export yet.

He took these photos for me:

I found this forum about AIM food and it looks like some cat parents managed to contact Professor Miyazaki and some are already using the food on their CKD cats with good results: https://www.reddit.com/r/RenalCats/comments/182krvu/anyone_use_aim30/

I discussed with my friend if there is any way at all to negotiate with the Japanese companies that are producing these AIM cat food to expedite the export process. It is not just Inaba that is producing the food, it’s other Japanese companies too. For your information, Inaba produces Ciao and we have Ciao food in Malaysia, only not the AIM food variety.

Let’s hope we can get the food soon. I am sure many cat parents are waiting eagerly for it, as am I.

But I admit, I don’t know enough about it, whether only the injectables work or if it can be incorporated into food and ingested. Will the stomach acid destroy the AIM protein thereby rendering it useless (as suggested by someone in the forum), but if that it the case, why are there so many AIM food already being sold in Japan, right?

Meanwhile, I am really on a quest to get all our cats to drink more water. I think I have succeeded with Ginger, Minnie and the Monsters, and now I have to work on the Blondie Army, Tabs and Riley. Ginger and Tabs are already at Stage 2 CKD and have gone through the stem cell therapy. We don’t know if it has borne any results as the first blood test is some time in April.

Statistics show that 33.3% of cats will end up with CKD.







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