Grey’s wounds (photo from Lee Soo Farng)

Soo Farng sent these photos while doing the dressing on Grey’s wounds tonight.

Poor Grey got all these wounds while living on the street. So to people who say that street animals can survive, well, not all of them “can survive”.

Imagine what would have happened to Grey if Soo Farng not not rescued him. Very likely these sores would turn gangrenous and Grey would be condemned to a slow death on the street. Coupled with the compression fracture on his spine, that would have been a very, very difficult life on the street.

Soo Farng says the vet says it is likely the these injuries had happened about 1-2 months ago. That is why the “golden hour” has passed.

The physiotherapist that I contacted recommends complete crate rest for 10 days to let the spine heal.

If Grey is young, healing and recovery may still happen.

I have suggested that Soo Farng contacts the physiotherapist directly so that I don’t have to be the go-between. I’m worried that in the process of conveying information, I might get some of it wrong, inaccurate or incomplete.

Many years ago, we rescued a dog (later named Sunshine). Sunshine had been beaten by people and was dragging her back legs for days and hiding under a car. With help, we managed to rescue her and I took Sunshine to a very senior vet who did an X-ray and it showed that Sunshine’s spine was completely broken and the vet said she would never walk again. He was a vet who was quick to suggest euthanasia. I have never given that order on any animal before, so I had to look for another way. Fortunately at the time, I knew a friend who was a self-taught physiotherapist. She took Sunshine under her very dedicated care, and with all her self-taught knowledge and techniques, Sunshine started to regain movement in her hind legs after 10 days. Very soon, Sunshine was walking, running, swimming and doing everything that any normal dog could do. Sunshine recovered completely and is still living with my friend till this day, pampered to the core but most importantly, she healed when the senior vet was sure she wouldn’t.

Sunshine, after she recovered, with links to the time she was rescued:

This is why I always write in detail for every case. There’s a wealth of knowledge in such blogposts and they serve as good reminders for me too.






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