Medical aid for 1 kitten in Cheras (Lee Soo Farng’s) – Grey

We have fully sponsored RM347.00 for the first-line medical treatment for this rescued male kitten, Grey.

We were alerted to this kitten’s case when a friend told us that Ms Lee had noticed this kitten dragging his feet on the road and was attempting to rescue him. It took Ms Lee the next night to finally rescue Grey. Grey is not able to walk possibly due to some injury to his hind legs, but the good thing is that he has a fantastic appetite.

As soon as we learnt of this case, we approached a few regular sponsors and they most graciously offered to sponsor the kitten (now named Grey) in full for this first-line treatment.

Donors for this first sponsorship: In memory of Indy and Cow Mau, donors from Pastorale Charity Concert 2023, Sharonlin Ooi, Hew Voon Yoke.

We did not use AnimalCare’s reserve fund for this because we found sponsors who agreed to collectively sponsor in full for this round.

This is from Ms Lee:

I am Soo Farng, Thank you for agreeing to help rescue Grey. I wasn’t thinking of rescuing but he caught my eyes among the cat colony at a housing area near me. 
I believe my friend has updated you since I got him last Saturday. I will feed him the medicines from vet first and observe from there. Medicine is for 10 days i will bring him for follow up. Hopefully the nerve tablets can help him. Very relieved to learn there is no broken bones.
Thank You very much for being so responsive, and also for agreeing to help out financially. It enables me to do what i can to at least help him to walk normally. He was dewormed and deflea yesterday but not vaccinated yet due to his condition. He was prescribed Antibiotics, Anti inflammatory and nerve medicines.
My friend who contacted you too is very concerned and i do update her on Grey regularly. 
I have already submitted the medical aid form. Thank you again. At least one cat’s life will be changed.
Soo Farng
We have also shared with Ms Lee, the contacts of a pet physiotherapist and names of vet clinics that offer acupuncture and laser therapy for such cases. The vet did tell Ms Lee that she could consider acupuncture and physiotherapy for Grey, but it is recommended that she gives the medicines a chance to work first. Grey has incontinence too and drips urine.
Sadly, the vet said that Grey has missed the “golden hour” to reverse his condition. This means, he must have had the injury or condition some time ago.
Below, please see the report from the vet.
If you would like to chip in to sponsor Grey’s subsequent treatments, please do write to me at and let me know of your kind intentions. If there is subsequent treatment, we will let you know by email. Thank you in advance.







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