Some photos of Grey (from Lee Soo Farng)


Soo Farng’s friend shared these photos with us:

According to Soo Farng, Grey is very comfortable and happy in her house. He eats very well too, and sleeps comfortable with no fear at all. The only problem now is that her other two rescued cats are “being dramatic”. One has refused to eat and one has refused to come downstairs to where Grey is.

Well, cats will be cats. That’s not uncommon.

Soo Farng did share that the vet said if medication works, it would work very fast. Let’s hope it will!

Happily playing!

We took the liberty of sharing the X-Ray with an animal physiotherapist and according to her, she sees a compression fracture in the X-ray. A compression fracture is actually a broken bone. The physiotherapist says that acupuncture would help very much for such cases. We have conveyed the message to Soo Farng for her information.






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