What happened, Smurfy?

Yesterday, Ginger and Smurfy were embroiled in a locked-body fight. Luckily only fur flew, there was no bloodshed and nobody sustained any injuries.

Gone are the days where our warriors fought and every fight would result in a mandatory trip to the vet’s, treatment (sometimes even surgeries), medication and the works. Our warriors are all gone now. I don’t miss the fights, but I sure miss them. So much.

This morning, Smurfy refused to eat with the rest of the clan. He just went away to hide.

Poor Smurfy.

Luckily I have time on my hands nowadays, so I waited until everyone had finished eating. Only then did Smurfy come out to eat.

The Monsters were allowed to come over the Bunny’s Place today for some grass.

Kai and Indra were on red alert. The intruders have come…code red, code red! Standby, everyone. Ready to attack….

The senior Blondie, Samantha, was hiding in the room.

Only Kai and Indra were at the frontlines.

Akira decided to stay on the highest platform.

I think Robin just wants to be friends.

But we are scared….

Smurfy went into the cage.

See the tail club? That’s Robin. That’s how you tell Rey and Robin apart. It’s from the tail.

Finally, I got everyone back to Ginger’s Catio, or so I thought.

Then as I was reading the news, suddenly I heard a very loud war cry and shrieking. I rushed in and saw Kai chasing Smurfy!

Yes, Smurfy must have sneaked into the room to hide, unknown to me, and stayed behind.

Kai chased him out and back to the catio.

It was a very, very loud war cry without any physical contact, thank goodness.






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