Further reflections on Tabs and Ginger’s CKD

I needed some time to reflect on Tabs and Ginger’s CKD condition after today’s check-up.

I guess with the loss of Cow Mau to heart failure (not CKD) and Indy to CKD, I’m still not in the clearest of mind.

There is nothing that will stop the progression of CKD. It is such a terrible condition. The stem cell therapy, if it works, can only slow it down, but not stop it entirely.

I believe it did work for Tabs and Ginger, but why am I not rejoicing? Maybe I know all we are going is buying time. But we are also buying quality of life, aren’t we? So that’s a good thing. It’s not just quantity but also quality. As long as the progression is slowed down, that’s already quality of life.

I checked this list and based on my own evaluation and today’s kidney readings, Ginger would be placed in Stage 1 and Tabs in between Stages 1 and 2.

On top of the stem cell therapy, both have also been on Kidney Support Gold, the herbal supplement that has rave reviews. Ginger is only on this one renal supplement but Tabs is also on Renal-Combi and Astro’s Nitrogen-Creatinine Scrub. I know nothing works once a cat is in the late stage.

I also started both on the AIM food a few days before today’s check-up, so did that also help? It’s hard to tell. AIM is a protein that supports kidney health by removing the waste that accumulates in the body. So if it did work, maybe that helped to lower the creatinine levels?

I remember our former senior vet used to tell me to try any medication or supplement one by one so that we know which one works. But no, I’m not using our pets as laboratory objects, I just want them to heal, recover and feel better, so I’m not going to test the supplements one by one – I don’t have the luxury of time. I’ll give all and as long as something works, it’s good.

I can get all the supplements from local sources but not the AIM food, unless any friend travels to Japan and I am able to tumpang them to help me buy some back again.

Ginger has an obesity problem and needs to lose weight. I had earlier thought I should stop the snacks for Ginger and the Monsters as no one is underweight in the Catio. But now, upon reflection, I have been using the snacks (canned food) as a way to add more water to their diet. I’ve already trained them to eat water-filled canned food. Maybe by adding water to their canned food, that also helped?

Increasing water intake is always a good thing for cats. So should I keep to one snack time, just to use it as a way to get them to drink more water?

For Tabs, I have to get her to drink more water and I haven’t been able to do that with her because she’s so fussy. I’ll have to think of how to do this. I also have to get her to eat more.

Somehow, the water fountain does not work for any of our cats. I’ve tried it. They are not attracted to it at all.

If you have ways to get your cat to drink more water, please do share. Thank you.







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