Ginger to the vet’s for 1st check-up after stem cell therapy

I took Ginger and Tabs to the vet’s today for their first check-up after the stem cell therapy which was done on 5th January 2024.

I have been losing sleep over this. I know, unnecessarily, but I have been so anxious about it.

Indy was supposed to go today too, but he didn’t make it. The vet already said that the stem cell therapy cannot possibly do much for Indy, but she agreed to give him a chance because he showed no symptoms of CKD; just that the readings were sky-high.

I shall write about Ginger and Tabs in separate posts.

Ginger first.

Ginger’s kidney readings have not changed. Phew…

I suppose without the stem cell therapy, it might have progressed, so I guess we can conclude that the therapy is helping.

His SDMA is the same at a reading of 10. It was also 10 in August 2023. It was a random check in December that showed elevated readings and the progression, but now, his creatinine and urea have also stayed roughly the same as August’s, so that’s all good.


However, Ginger has a major problem….

He is obese.

Very obese. 

It’s no laughing matter, though. Obesity IS a problem, so he definitely has to lose some weight.

So, that’s that with Ginger. He has to lose weight.

No more snacks for all of you. Sorry….but your hero has to go on a weight loss programme.

Nobody here is underweight, actually. Perhaps only Robin and Smurfy are a bit slim. Slim but not thin.

So, no more snacks, sorry. But the purpose of the snacks was to add water to the canned food, so let me adjust this. I will think about this. Because the water-filled snacks also has a purpose.

Projek Kurus for you, Ginger.







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