Phew…luckily it’s not a “forever boycott”!!

I’m talking about Indra’s Projek Makan here.

Yesterday, I managed to get Indra to eat a hearty meal of raw food for dinner. Wow! So lucky!

Nasib baik bukan boikot….

I didn’t even dare move a muscle when she was eating, because the slightest distraction can make her stop and run away. So I stayed, as still as a statue until she finished.

Hooray! Bukan boikot buat selama-lamanya. 

So it looks like she will still eat raw food after a few days of intermittent boycott. Ok lah tu…

This morning…

Wow….this morning, she ate again! It’s raw food!

Lucky me, lucky me!

Samantha also ate.

Akira ate.

Riley ate…grass. Only.

You should have been born a cow or a goat, Riley.

Every morning, the Blondies are always too busy.

Doing what?

Well, protecting their home from intruders, I guess.

I think that’s why they are not interested in eating.

But if it’s kibble, they will come and eat. Soaked kibble.

I asked the vet today and she says some cats graze all day, but she advised me to try and restrict it to just three meals a day.

The thing is, I don’t have a problem letting them graze if that is their preferred way of eating. But when they graze, the Monsters will all wait at the door for their turn too, and now, Ginger really has to be on a weight-reduction diet.






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