A night of terror (Part 2)

I heard some noise in the Catio, so I immediately got Ginger and the Monsters into the house. They all looked scared with their tail down so it wasn’t difficult to get them in.

Everyone came in except Lynx and Rey. In the course of trying to get Lynx and Rey, Minnie escaped back to the catio. Sigh.

I finally got all the boys in except Minnie. She was still in the catio.

I also got all the Blondies into the room and closed the wooden door and window. They are now safe inside Bunny’s Room.

Ginger and the boys are all upstairs in the two bedrooms.

We heard some sounds in the Catio and didn’t want to take any chances so we called the Subang Jaya Bomba and they came. This time the abang-abang Bomba did a very thorough search and they didn’t find anything.

We asked if they could please catch Minnie for us so that we could keep her inside the house, but Minnie was too evasive. Finally, Minnie ran to Bunny’s Garden and we closed Stargate2 so that Minnie remains in Bunny’s Garden.

I am still trying to get her inside, but she refuses. Already tied my raffia string, but she is too smart. Or not so smart…sigh.

I was very worried in case the snake had come into the Catio. There is no gap that even a big snake cannot go through. They can flatten their bodies and “seep” through.

Husband had already checked the CCTV and yes, he saw it too. I wasn’t imagining it and it wasn’t pareidolia either. It was really there.

He showed the images to the abang Bomba and they said it’s a cobra. It’s big.

This failed to get Minnie in. She had already come in to eat and went back out before I could tie the raffia string.

Now, she’s in Bunny’s Garden and I’m again using the same raffia string to try to get her in through the kitchen back door. But luckily Bomba has checked the Catio and Bunny’s Garden thoroughly and there is nothing in both places.

I’m still trying to get Minnie in. Looks like it’s an impossible task.

Please be safe, Minnie.






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