How is Gerald and Misty’s orientation going on? (Where is Misty?)

I got up really early today and have not gone back to sleep yet. I’m going to konk out soon!

So how is Gerald and Misty’s orientation going on so far?

As you know, I was already contemplating bringing in Gerald and Misty and making them indoor cats. My neighbourhood doesn’t take kindly to street animals (neutered or not, they don’t really care), many of them do not like the sight of any animal outside a human home.

So I did a first orientation which didn’t end up too badly, actually. Then, a second and the reptilian episode made it a necessity to bring both of them in and they have been inside since Monday afternoon.

So it’s been 48 hours so far.

However, when the gardeners came yesterday, I wasn’t monitoring because the head-gardener is always very careful and husband was with them.

Misty somehow managed to escape through two Stargates and without me even knowing, I suddenly found her outside our front door, asking to come in. I won’t ask how she escaped because nobody could tell me. That means she used the cat’s stealth ability, which I know of – they sneak out through your blind spot. That’s how Ginger does it too and Riley as well. But at least with the two of them, we know they have done it.

Robin and Smurfy also have this stealth ability and we don’t even know they have sneaked into the house from the Catio. Luckily, it’s just into the house and not outside.

Gerald and Misty were both quiet last night, but since I got up early, Gerald started whining. His trigger for whining is me. And it was still so early, he’s so loud, so I had to carry him to keep him quiet. Otherwise, it would disturb the neighbours.

Misty, on the other hand, wasn’t at all mewing. She had become very alpha and was intimidating the Blondies.

Poor Blondies, they have never experienced hostility or aggression amongst themselves, only the occasional Rey or Smurfy incursion. So the Blondies were really scared of Misty.

Gerald has absolutely no desire to be alpha or anything like that. He’s just happy if he can be with me.

A fierce little cili padi. Well, what do you expect? She did battle with a cobra and chased it away. I do not wish for her to ever do that again. When I heard about it, I almost died.

Soon, Gerald found a den – Bunny’s cage. He was very happy inside and Misty also occupied the ground floor.

I was so glad that Gerald had found a comfortable den. No one had taken this cage yet, so it can be his and Misty’s.

We brought in Misty’s favourite basket from the shoe bench outside.

I’m hoping Misty would learn to settle in and be a peaceful friend to the Blondies.

Our part-time cleaner was already here and she is always very careful with the gates too.

Jia-Wen and Jayden came over to take me out for brunch while husband stayed home to get ready for work. So I went out for brunch with Jia-Wen and Jayden and by the time I came back, it was so peaceful and quiet in Bunny’s Place so I didn’t want to go in because I know I’m the trigger for Gerald to start whining. Hopefully, both of them are settling in.

The part-time cleaner was just finishing up.

After a few hours of peace and quiet, I decided to go in to Bunny’s Place to check. I found Gerald still sitting in his new-found den (the cage) and the Blondies were all sleeping. Everything was peaceful.

But I could not find Misty. I looked everywhere and I have since searched every nook and cranny in Bunny’s Place, Ginger’s Catio and the entire house and I cannot find her anywhere.

I texted husband at work and he said he did not see Misty escaping. I’ve contacted the cleaning company and they have not replied.

I don’t know where Misty is and I don’t know how she escaped, but now I’m guessing that she must have found a hole somewhere in Bunny’s Place that she could fit through to escape. Either that or she stealthily crossed through two Stargates to escape without anyone knowing.

Misty is not in the house – that much I’m sure.

Where is she?

My presence in Bunny’s Place got Gerald whining again and I actually opened Bunny’s Door to see if he would like to go out, he didn’t want to leave at all. Looks like he’s happy inside Bunny’s Place.

Misty, where are you?

I know Misty can look after herself as she’s lived on the street all her life.

But still, where are you and how did you escape?






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