I found the hole….(Misty’s escape)


I found the hole in Bunny’s Place from where Misty could have escaped.

But the hole is not visible from the ledge and I cannot see how Misty would have discovered it at all, but there you go…..

Cats are so, so smart.

I have since contacted two contractors now to see who can come and seal up the hole. As long as the hole remains, Misty will escape again and again.

So now, I think that’s how she escaped yesterday when the gardeners were here, and that’s also how she escaped today when the cleaner was here. I did not know there was such a hole at all.

No other cat had discovered it before, not even Minnie, the master escape-artist.

Misty takes the Oscar for best escape-artist.

I hope you are safe, Misty. Please come back for food this evening.







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