Playing a game of patience with Misty

When I got Misty to come in, I kept her in the Safehouse with Riley and Tabs. There’s no escape from here.

But then she got restless and wanted to go and see Gerald, so I let her in.

I know that from Bunny’s Place, if my guess is right, she will escape through that hole.

So I waited. I pulled a chair, turned on the fan and waited.


Of course she went to rub bodies with Gerald, her hero.

I’m waiting, Misty.

She even went into the cage, which Gerald has claimed to be his and Misty’s.

Not going to show me, eh?

Then, she couldn’t stand it anymore….so she got up to the platform. Aha!!

I’m ready with my phone to take a video of the impending escape…..come on, do it, Misty, do it.

“Hmm…do what?”, she asks.

Yes, you are going to jump now, do it and show me (so that I can tell the contractors what to do).

From my guess, she has to jump onto the ledge, squeeze through a very, very narrow gap, in order to go out to that hole. I think my old contractor didn’t think anyone would be able to squeeze through that gap.

Well, no one has been able to…until now.

Not doing it?

Nope, not doing it.

Makan lagi? 


Hey, I have waited patiently for four hours, Misty. You’re not going to do it?

Nope, not doing it. Not going to show me.

I’m not going to wait anymore. She’ll escape when she wants to, I know. And she will come back.

Hopefully, the contractor will come tomorrow or soon.

And hopefully, that’s her escape route and not somewhere else!






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