Riley literally toilet-trained herself

And I’m not talking about being litter-box trained. That’s normal. All cats know that. No training is required, it’s instinctive.

I’m talking about using our human toilet bowl.

Now, for the past weeks, I’ve been seeing unflushed urine in the downstairs toilet bowl and wondering who forgot to flush.

I found the answer this morning.

I missed the shot, but Riley was really squatting on the toilet, urinating into the toilet bowl.

Bunny used to be able to do that too.

Somehow, some cats do it, I know.

Clever girl, but be careful, don’t slip, please.

And no, we did not train her to do this. I would not purposely train a cat to do such things because it isn’t their natural behaviour.

But some just want to do it, for their own reasons.






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