Gerald’s incessant whining (the evening edition)

This evening, Gerald was whining incessantly again.

He did this after he had a hearty dinner.

Lepas makan, bising tak henti-henti. 

I was feeding the Blondies and the whining was driving me up the wall too.

I tried various ways to make him stop, but none of them worked.

So, I called in reinforcement, the ex-military type.

Reinforcement walked in casually and noise-maker scrambled for his life up to the corner of the top-of-the-world platform, which is Misty’s escape corner. Reinforcement continued staring him down.

All was quite in an instant.

And it’s been quiet since then until….

I walked in just now to check on him and the moment he saw me, the whining started again.

That’s him in the furthest corner. That’s also where Misty did her two escapes until the route was plugged.

What’s with Gerald, Misty?  What does he want?

Misty: But he’s a whiner and he whines even when he’s outdoors. 

I thought maybe I should let him go out once in a while. Will that satisfy him and stop him from whining. I really doubt it. I think he might whine even more when he comes back, wanting to tell me all about his adventures!

Please don’t whine, Gerald. You’ll disturb the neighbours and who knows what they might do?

Gerald actually knows how to enjoy himself in Bunny’s Place. When he wasn’t whining in those past few days, he sat inside the “birdhouse” in the cat tree, he slept on the bed, he sat on the shelves, etc. It’s not like he’s dying to get out, he’s enjoying himself!

Saja mahu bising tanpa sebab. 






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