Throw him to the wolves?

Yes, literally.

Husband came up with two ideas for Gerald’s incessant whining.

Either we record his stern voice telling Gerald to keep quiet and play it when he is at work (which I doubt would work)…


We throw him to the wolves. 

Meaning, we put him in Ginger’s Catio where the wolf pack dwells.

The wolf pack here refers to the Monsters, who function as a wolf pack.

We have not resorted to either yet and now, he’s whining nonstop again. Husband has been at work since morning and yes, I’m going cuckoo already. Imagine listening to hours and hours of nonstop loud whining, trying to stop him, but nothing works. And I have Jayden and Ryan here too.

And I’m sure his incessant loud whining is stressing out all the other cats as well. I’m worried about Tabs.

The only time he’d stop is when he takes a nap, then it’s peaceful during that time.

From 5am, he started whining. But it was soft, I heard it upstairs. But the moment I got downstairs, it was full blast.

I invited him into the house, but he didn’t want to come in. Instead, the whole Blondie family came in and I had a hard time getting Samantha to go back. Samantha is still untouchable. At least I can still carry the girls in.

He finally came in and whined all over the house, including upstairs. That woke husband up, but that also stopped the whining.

It’s funny that he had settled in so nicely after the initial 1-2 days. Then, the whining started again yesterday. I don’t know what triggered it.

My vet-friend says whining could be a sign of becoming an alpha. That’s what gave husband the idea of throwing him to the wolves – to de-alpha him.

But here’s what the think – I don’t think it will work. His whining will probably drive the Monsters cuckoo as well.

When Gerald was living outdoors, he was also a whiner. But at least he did go away every few hours and we didn’t have to hear the whining all the time. And he certainly wasn’t an alpha because he was afraid of Creamy. So afraid that whenever Creamy came, he didn’t even dare step into the porch or come near our house.

The Monsters came over to eat serai.

Gerald stayed in his cage and was quiet.

After the Monsters went back, Gerald started whining again.

This is the only time he’d keep quiet – when he takes a nap.

If recording the stern voice and throwing him to the wolves won’t work, I might just have to release him before any un-neighbourly complaints are thrown at me. But this would mean that Misty would have to go back out too, but it’s kind of sad because Misty is not giving any trouble. And yet, keeping Misty inside without Gerald would make Misty really sad. Misty’s best friend is Gerald. The two are best friends…forever.

But coping with his loud incessant whining is already taking a toll on everyone’s mental health.


I’ve shifted Creamy’s feeding station closer to Stargate2 because I’m still traumatised coming out of the front door, especially when it’s still dark.

If you have any suggestions on how I can stop Gerald’s whining, I’d appreciate your sharing very, very, very much.






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