Gerald starts whining again after a day’s rest

The whining has started again today.

I wonder if it’s because he whined nonstop for two days earlier, so he needed a day to rest his voice, and he has restarted it today.

First thing in the morning, Rey had already climbed up to the top to irritate the Blondies. I can never be fast enough to take a photo of him clawing his way right to the top from his side of the gate because he’s faster than me.

Rey, with Robin for brotherly moral support.

That’s Rey, looking over to see who he can annoy.

On the other side are Misty, Gerald and Akira. Samantha was there too, but she had gone when I took the photo.

Up to mischief.

Moderate whining.

If I stay with him, he doesn’t whine as much.

Misty doesn’t make any noise.

The Monsters came over to eat grass.

Luckily I noticed that Misty had gone over to the Catio and was already heading for Stargate. If she climbs up the platforms and lands right at the top, she can squeeze herself out.

None of our cats can, except Misty. She has the smallest head.

The meeting of two gingers.






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