A new big den and a cat tree for the Monsters!

As you probably know, the Monsters have since destroyed every cat tree that I’ve bought for them, even the more solid and expensive ones.

So I ordered a stainless steel cat tree from Golden Triology and it arrived today!

This is the new cat tree, which is supposed to be super solid, but our Monsters are more solid…haha, so if you notice some of the platforms have tilted, but no fear, Tony will come on Thursday to put in reinforcements. I trust Tony knows what to do.

As you can see, the main pole has sisal rope wound round it as a scratching post.

Good for rubbing or scratching an itch too!

I think everyone has tried on the cat tree by now. The first one to go up was actually Minnie.

Then, we also needed a bigger cage as a den for the Monsters because currently, Robin has claimed ownership of the existing big cage and he only allows Ginger and Lynx in with him. During thunderstorms, they need a place to hide. Smurfy has been using the small cage but as we all know, cats love high places.

So, Tony came up with an ingenious idea whereby I don’t have to buy a bigger cage, but just a small one which can be installed on top of the existing one. And the roof of the bottom one be removed so that there is access from the bottom one to the top and it’s like one big cage!

See this? The one on the right is actually two small cages with access to one another. It’s not meant to “cage” the cats, but more of a den.

The towel is unsightly, I know, but it serves as an excellent curtain for them.

It took them a few hours to learn that this new gizmo is “safe”.

Now, Smurfy and Lynx have gone in to explore the new cage.






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