Misty’s in the porch, and the house!

Misty came into the house and went into the kitchen for dinner just now.

That is Misty eating dinner. She loves kibble.

Even before this, Gerald seldom came for dinner. He would come for tea time, usually. So I think he has a “home” somewhere, and perhaps that was why he was whining and pining nonstop when I confined him for those 18 days.

Sorry, Gerald….

Misty did not want to go back to Bunny’s Place even when I opened the door wide.

She finally decided she wanted to go back to the porch.

We took her basket into Bunny’s Place during those 18 days and the Blondies have taken it now.

Let’s see if she wants to come into the Safehouse and live with Tabs and Riley.

One thing at a time.

Or maybe she can come and go as she wishes, but we don’t have an entrance for her. We would have to open the door for her.

With Gerald back outside, I can finally attend to the blisters on both my feet. You see, Gerald liked leaving his mark in every litter box all the time. And his tracking is really massive, so I ended up washing the pantry several times a day and cleaning the litter boxes 3-4 times daily. My feet are, unfortunately, so sensitive to water from cleaning and it gets blistered very easily. The skin would break and bleed.

Time to heal the feet now.






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