Gerald and Misty are in the porch!

Gerald and Misty practically spent all day in our porch today!

AND….there was absolutely no whining at all.

Gerald made the breakfast call, as usual and so I thought it would be safer to let them into the house to eat since it’s still dark outside.

However, Gerald was unhappy that I closed the door. He wanted to go back out.

It’s almost like he’s saying, “Don’t you try your raffia string trick on me…I’m not going to be trapped again or I will whine till kingdom come.” 

Okay, okay….

He wanted to go back out. Whenever Misty is with Gerald, she’s just a magnet stuck to him. It’s like she doesn’t make her own decisions anymore. What Gerald does, she just follows.

Misty, in this day and age, women do NOT do such things anymore. Sigh…

Misty wanted to eat more, so Gerald waited for her, but outside the door.

Hmm…makan juga? 

This is actually their second breakfast. The first was done in the porch.

I’ve prepared a litter box outside for them. Hopefully, after being confined for 18 days prior, they will know how to use it. Actually, Gerald totally knows and I’ve seen Misty follow him using it too. So, they should know. But will they use it?

Two baskets for Misty since she likes sitting on the shoe bench. Two to let her choose. But she actually chose neither and prefers the wooden bench.

We had to make several trips out today, and each time when we came home, Gerald and Misty were under our car.

Looks like Gerald had nowhere to ronda to today. Or, dah puas ronda yesterday?

I did open the door wide to let them come in, but both preferred the porch.

P.S. It is almost midnight now, I can hear the old familiar mewing from far. I think he’s coming back to eat supper.






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