Gerald and Misty today

All is well with Gerald and Misty today.

It’s back to normal for them now.

Gerald doesn’t whine, he just calls to make his entrance each time.

This morning, after I observed both of them atop the car in the porch, I still did not go out. By the time I did, Gerald had gone away. Only Misty remained.

So I let Misty in to eat breakfast.

She was more comfortable eating outside in the porch. But I still hope and aim to let her in every day, even for a little while so that she feels comfortable coming in. Just in case of any emergency at any time, at least it won’t be so difficult to get her to come in.

Now, the whole porch belongs to Misty.

Later, I heard the familiar mewing. Gerald has arrived!

As always, Misty was overjoyed seeing Gerald. Imagine if we had kept her in Bunny’s Place and separated her from Gerald? That would have been so cruel.

Misty ate again with Gerald, from the same bowl. Best friends forever!

And just now, both had dinner together too.

Misty remained in the porch all day even though we had workmen coming in to re-paint the awning.

The porch belongs to Misty!

P.S.  I asked our vet about Gerald’s whining and she says some outdoor cats just do not like to be kept indoors and yes, they will whine.






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