Special fundraising for Nomi (Soo Tzan Jian & Teng Yeeng Xuang’s) – closed

Ref: https://myanimalcare.org/2024/05/04/a-special-fundraising-for-nomi-kitten-with-diaphragmatic-hernia-soo-tzan-jian-teng-yeeng-xuangs-nomi/

We would like to thank all friends and supporters for stepping up so generously with donations to help Nomi get the diaphragmatic hernia repair surgery to save her life.

To date, we have received a total of RM2,880.00. One more donation has been pledged but has yet to be received.

The estimated cost is between RM2000 and RM3000 barring unforeseen circumstances and the caregivers, Nicholas Soo and Aline Teng, have confirmed that they will be paying RM500 for the surgery.

We have raised enough now and the fundraising is now closed.

Thank you so much to all donors for your kind generosity and compassion:

Two anonymous donors
Agnes Cheong
Jeremy Leow
Joy Saga
Julia Chong
Lee Chin Chin
Lee Soo Farng
Leow Chee Cheung
Mary Yap
Mong Looi
Peter Ho
Siew Sean
Tabs & Riley
Wong Chin Kuan
Yim Soi Chee

Nomi will undergo the high risk procedure on Tuesday and the vet will use ventilators for the surgery. The prognosis is 50-50.

Since it has already been two weeks from the date of the injury, there is already some adhesion between her organs and this complicates the surgery (I spoke with the vet today). There will be bleeding when the organs are being separated. Because of this adhesion, the surgery will take longer too, so exposure to the general anaesthesia for a longer period would also pose a risk.

For diaphragmatic hernia, the surgery is best done after a few days to a week from the injury, but according to Nicholas and Aline, the first vet they consulted told them that it was not a life threatening injury so they could consider either doing the surgery or not. The vet said the surgery would cost up to RM3000-RM4000, and they could not raise the funds. Considering that it was not a life threatening injury according to the vet, they thought it would be okay. It was their aunt who saw Nomi panting and found us through a friend of AnimalCare.

According to Nicholas and Aline, they were also not advised by the first vet to keep Nomi confined with restricted movement, but since yesterday, Nomi has already been confined in a cage.

Because of the injury, Nomi has difficulty breathing normally and the adhesion of the organs would make it worse in time. So, the surgery would be the only way to save her life.

How do you treat a diaphragmatic hernia in a kitten?
The only treatment to repair the diaphragmatic hernia is surgery. Surgical treatment should be performed as soon as your pet is stable for general anesthesia. Some patients with profound respiratory distress will not breathe comfortably until the abdominal contents are removed.

It would be very high risk, but it has to be done.

We request for your kind wishes and healing thoughts for Nomi from now until her surgery and also for her recovery after that.

Thank you so much.






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