Indra’s loose stools update

We still have not resolved Indra’s loose stools problem.

But demeanour-wise, she is as active as ever. Here, she is doing battle with Robin.

Her appetite is also very good. So going by my raw-feeding friend’s long-time advice, “they are just detoxing, leave them alone”. That is what he said about Indy last time and I went overboard with tests and various treatments. But he did say as long as there is no fever, it’s fine.

Indra had a fever that day, so the Metrogyl was necessary. And luckily, I took Indra to see the vet too. Otherwise, I would now have known Indra was having a fever. So never take chances, because we are not vets and we might just miss something which requires medication and treatment.

Showing me her butt, female cats have a tendency to do this. I waited for her to come down on her own to get her to eat and feed her her medicines.

She came down soon!

I’ve already started a poop album for Indra to monitor her defecation.

She has been in the Safehouse all day.







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