The Monsters and their “refurbished” Catio

Ever since the reptilian encounter, we cleared off all the pandan, thaumatococcus and jasmines from our front lawn.

We also thinned out the thaumatococcus from the Catio. Ok, I’ll admit it was a bit of a knee-jerk reaction, but I was traumatised.

Well, wouldn’t you have been too, if you were just 1 metre away from a fairly big cobra?

The Monsters were really upset that their Catio had lost its jungle-like atmosphere.

They had no more jungle to nap in.

So, we are letting the jungle grow back, but not as lush as before.

This spot used to be everyone’s favourite nap spot in “the jungle”. After we thinned out the plants, nobody took a nap here anymore. It was quite sad.

But this morning, Rey went to the spot!

Then, Minnie.

Then, Lynx!

It used to be quite camouflaged and hidden by the plants.

This is Vincent’s table, or what’s left of it after the workmen stepped on it and broke it.

But serendipity reigns – they seem to love it even more now that it’s broken!

So we dare not fix it. Have removed all splinters, don’t worry.

Just like this cat tree, when it was first installed, it was wobbly and everyone loved it!

Now that it’s secure….nobody wanted to use it.

Why? No more challenge in balancing?

But they use it as a ladder to get up onto the two big cages to wage war with the Blondie Army.

I am confident in time to come, they will play on it.

They already do!

Just no kick, eh?






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