More complications for Miao (3rd trimester pregnancy)

More complications have set in for Ah Miao.

The vet informed us and the caregivers today that Miao is pregnant and already in the third trimester. This means she is due to give birth in 2 weeks.

It has been 4 months since her last delivery and we know free-roaming unspayed cats can get pregnant again very, very quickly.

Before this, the vet had already concluded that the hernia happened recently, which is after the date of the last video, ie. 24th March 2024. So, this explains why Miao was able to deliver Nomi and her siblings safely (17th December 2023) – she did not have a hernia then.

Now that Miao is found to be pregnant, there are 2-3 options:

  1. Let Miao deliver her kittens first, but she might run into difficulty because she has to push and because of the diaphragmatic hernia where one lung is already compromised, the delivery might endanger her life. We asked if Miao can be sent to the clinic for close monitoring nearer to her delivery date and if needed, a Caesarian-section is done to help her deliver, but this also comes with risks because at this point in time, ANY surgery for Miao is highly risky. Also, we would have to find a 24-hour clinic for this. The disadvantage of waiting for 2 weeks for her to deliver is that more adhesion would have happened and this would make the hernia worse. Letting her deliver is risky, doing the C-section is also risky. There is also danger where the general anaesthesia administered during the attempted spaying that day may have caused injury to the unborn kittens’ organs.
  2. Do the surgery now to repair the hernia, abort the kittens and spay her. This is also a very high-risk surgery. The advantage of this option is that the surgery can be done soon before more adhesion happens. But it is also a 50-50 surgery.

We have consulted more vets for options and another option is the most “natural” one which is to let Nature take its course, that is, to let Miao deliver and take the chance. If she survives the delivery, then only think of the hernia repair surgery and the spaying.

The vet has done a blood test on Miao and her liver and kidney readings are in the normal range. She is only a little anaemic and the vet will deworm her.

All options have been presented and explained by the vet to the caregivers, Nicholas and Aline, and the decision is theirs.

We have also explained our policies to Nicholas and Aline, whereby our funds are only given to save lives, and we do not cover abortions. So, if they decide to proceed with Option No. 2, they will cover the abortion fee themselves, but we can still help with the hernia repair fee.

At the time of writing this, Nicholas and Aline have decided on Option 2.

We totally empathise with the caregivers as this is a very difficult decision. We will help with the cost of the hernia repair.

A photo and video of Miao today:









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