Cat licensing scheme in Singapore to kick off

The news:


SINGAPORE – A new framework allowing those living in Housing Board flats to keep cats will come into effect in September, when a two-year transition period for cat owners to meet licensing and microchipping requirements begins.

The Cat Management Framework – under the National Parks Board’s Animal and Veterinary Service (AVS) – will allow up to two cats to be kept in each HDB flat, and up to three cats for each private residence, with owners required to license and microchip all their pet cats.

“Those with more cats than the limits for HDB flats and private premises will be allowed to keep all their existing pet cats if they license them within this transition period,” said the AVS.  

Licensing will be available online via the AVS’ Pet Animal Licensing System portal from Sept 1.

First-time applicants will also need to complete a one-time free online pet ownership course covering basic pet care skills and responsible ownership.

Licensing will be free during the two-year transition period – which will run from Sept 1, 2024, to Aug 31, 2026 – but will subsequently cost $15 for a one-year licence for a sterilised cat and $90 for an unsterilised cat, same as the cost of licensing pet dogs.

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