The amazing Feline Gut Soothe from Adored Beast

I have heard of how effective Adored Beast’s Feline Gut Soothe is, but have not used it before because previously, all our cats who had gut issues also had CKD and this product is not recommended for CKD cats.

But now, it’s Indra who has loose stools, so I was able to buy it for her.

The product is amazing!

The day after I gave her the first dose, I already saw remarkable improvement and after the second day (today), her stools are BEAUTIFUL!

For pet parents, you know what I mean by beautiful poop!

I got this from a local seller, Honu Paws. They are so efficient and kind, they deliver it immediately so I get it on the next day.  If you order earlier in the day, you might even get it on the same day!

More information:

I shall spare you the photos from my poop album for Indra!

Today is her last day of Metrogyl and there are just two more days of Pro-Fibre. I shall continue with the Feline Gut Soothe for a few weeks, as recommended.

Thank you very much, Honu Paws!

And thank you to our vet too, for the medication. Indra needed a vet’s treatment because she had a fever. So it wasn’t a case of a simple gut problem, but there was infection too.

Because she was given antibiotics and Feline Gut Soothe is a bacterial probiotic, I had to give the probiotic at least 2 hours before and after the administration of the antibiotics.

7am – antibiotics
3pm – probiotics
7pm – antibiotics

If it is a yeast probiotic, it can be given anytime. The antibiotic will not destroy the yeast.

Disclaimer: This is only a sharing. Please consult your veterinarian for professional advice and do not self-medicate your pets.







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