Miao eats after surgery!

The vet just updated again with the most fantastic news – Miao is already eating!

Miao is stable so far, she will be kept in the oxygen chamber tonight.

And, Miao has started eating!!

She is also breathing better now.

Cats are such resilient creatures, aren’t they?

And vets are such wonderful people!

We know it’s way too soon to be asking for donations again because we have just done a special fundraising for Nomi, but if you would like to chip in for Miao’s surgery (it is expected to be around RM4000, give and take, but the caregivers will cover the abortion as that’s not covered in our policies), please bank in your donation through our bank account (if you have the number) or the TnG QR code. Please write your name and “For Miao” in the remarks.

Thank you so much!







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